The Emigrant Scot

The Bluebell SCD Trio
Akiko Kasama (Piano, Bassoon, Contra Bassoon),
Kana Otake (Fiddle)
Fumitaka Saito (Recorder, Bird Flageolet)



The Scottish Country Dances
"The Emigrant Scot" Devised by Mary S. Brandon
Music to accompany the Mary Brandon
The Emigrant Scot Book of Dances Produced by The Bluebell SCD Trio

The Brandons of Los Angeles (8x32R)
Dear David (8x32S)
The Dominie (MacKay of Barrhead) (2x64S)
Falls of Clyde (Medley - 2x 32S + 32R)
Gassy Jack’s Eightsome (Medley – 64S + 64R)
Gleneagles Reel (8x40R)
Ladies of the Albert Hall (Medley – 48S + 64R)
Lady Aberdeen Strathspey (8x32S)
Lions Gate (4x40R)
Mary Isdale’s Highland Schottische (Medley – 3x 32S + 32R)
The Mormaer of Moray (Medley – 48S + 48R)
The Phaeton (128J)
Piper Frap (2x48S)
Reel of the 88th (3x40R) Sandy Butterly (4x48J)
Schoolbraid’s Jig (4x40J)
Simon Fraser’s Reel (8x32R)

The Emigrant Scot 1 The Emigrant Scot 2
The Emigrant Scot 3 The Emigrant Scot 4