To Be a Wind



Fred Moyes (accordion),
Akiko Kasama (Piano),
Kana Otake (Fiddle),
David Cunningham (accordion)

  • Bluebell Flowers Medley (64S + 64R)
    The Bluebell Reel (8x32R)
    The Canberra Bluebell (1x80S)
    Celebration Reel (8x32R)
    Cherry Blossoms (4x32S)
    Chrysanthemum (1x96R)
    Highland Games Medley (32S + 64R)
    A Jig for Yukio (3x40J)
    Kindred Spirits (4x32R)
    Lady of Tokai (4x32S)
    MacDonald of the Eastern Isles (3x32S)
    Mist on the Mountain (8x32S)
    The Rampant Unicorn Jig (8x32J)
    The Rampant Unicorn Strathspey (8x32S)
    To Be a Wind (5x32J)
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